Pricing Design by Dan Mall

I first learned about Dan Mall when he had just begun working with Big Spaceship in 2009. I remember being impressed with the content and quality of his website, which has remained roughly the same since then (with updated content, responsiveness, etc. READ MORE

4 Frameworks for Writing that Converts

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately and there’s one in particular that I’ve gone back and listened to 4 times, Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcast with copywriting king, Ray Edwards. Even though this episode READ MORE

Relationships are the Secret Sauce for Success

My wife and I recently celebrated 10 years of marriage. The past decade seems like a short breath, but in actuality it’s been a marathon. You don’t get to 10 years of marriage without dealing with relationship issues. We dated READ MORE

Hacking Wistia’s API to Create a Custom Play Button

Since my AIUX video course app is in the final stretch of completion, a few weeks ago I signed up for a Wistia account and started uploading some of the course videos. Wistia has a pretty extensive API, which is great, because READ MORE

1 Hour of Free UX Consulting for Your Project

I recently tweeted to see if anyone was interested in getting one hour of free UX consulting on any design problem they may have. The only catch is I get to record the session and post the video on my blog with READ MORE

Responsive Design in the Real World

Below you can find some resources on my "Responsive Design in the Real World." If you'd like to hear this presentation at your event, let me know! You can also view this on Speaker Deck. Here's an extended blog post I wrote READ MORE

Using Dropbox For Client Reviews

I use Dropbox to store 100% of my client work– source files, review folders, inspiration, assets, etc. Anytime I finish a set of designs for client review I send a dropbox link instead of an attachment. Here's the basic structure of my READ MORE

Pondering Meaning

After recently listening to Tim Ferriss' interview with Pavel Tsatsouline, which is fantastic by the way, this quote from Pavel really stood out. "The brightest young people today, what do they end up doing? They end up designing apps. In the 50s READ MORE

Tools Don't Matter

Which piece of software should you use for interface design? There are many good answers and opinions about this question but the bottom line is - you should use the one that yields the best results. Although this is the one true READ MORE