At some point during my design career I decided to start building things for myself instead of only building things for clients. Here are some of those things.

Shift Nudge

shift nudge icons

Shift Nudge is my current primary focus. It's an intensive interface design course with a heavy focus on visual tactics. Taught through the lens of UX, the lessons go extremely deep on the visual process to create beautiful interfaces. Currently in testing in Private Beta, with the public launch planned for early 2020.




Flowkit is a tool that I created for myself out of sheer frustration. Drawing lines and end points in Sketch, Figma, or XD is way bigger of a pain than it should be, especially if you just want to show a quick flow for an app feature. That's why I over-engineered the ever-loving-crap out of this. Now we never have to worry about drawing those lines again.




Having accessible interfaces is kind of a big deal and it usually starts with proper contrast between your text foreground and background color. This is a handy little Mac menu bar app that allows you to test your interface contrast quickly.


Intro to Icons

A while back, Adobe invited me to teach a few workshops at Adobe MAX. I received great feedback and decided to turn the workshop into a quick little FREE video course.


Streamline Icons

A recent collaboration with Vincent Le Moign, creator of Streamline. I partnered with him to create the brand new website for the Streamline 3.0 release. Over 30,000 icons!




Several years ago, I used Illustrator almost exclusively for all of my UX design, wireframes, flows, etc. I made a really in depth course that outlines my entire process for designing a big responsive site's wireframes. If Illustrator is your thing, this is definitely for you. Because it's a few years old, I don't promote it much.




Zoom is a font I created as an extension of some branding I did for a local cycling team. This is a sleek and extended font family designed for top speed while squeezing into tight places.


I've got more design courses in the pipeline, but if there's something you'd love to see produced, let me know!

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