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You can see some recent work on dribbble. I've gotten a little lazy with my full-on "portfolio" because at a certain point, you get so busy with work and it keeps coming in, that putting up a new portfolio becomes a very low priority.

My current focus is Shift Nudge and I'm currently unavailable for client work.


I specialize in iOS and responsive web design. I enjoy branding, UX, and UI design. I like to create simplicity our of complexity and focus on crafting clean and usable experiences.


Whether you have an idea, a few sketches, initial mockups, or a full-blown product that needs to be refined, I can provide critical thinking about your app, its features, flows, screens, interactions, and more. With relentless curiosity, problem finding and problem solving is my specialty.

UX design services can consist of consultation, user and job story creation, wireframe screen designs, flows and interactions. Here's a look into my UX process.

Matt worked for my User Experience department at Macquarium on several projects and our largest account for over 2 years. To cut to the chase: he's an incredible talent. He has a rare ability to work quickly while producing exceptional results. Matt understands the intricacies of the web and mobile: interactive media that require expertise not just in look and feel, but the nuances of designing for behavior and motion. I would love to work with or hire him again.

- Patrick Quattlebaum, Managing Director at Adaptive Path


It's very difficult to separate UX design from UI design. The two compliment each other and draw from one another. Even when crafting fully refined UI designs, I think through the experience and how certain decisions impact the product and a user's ability to be successful.

Every visual design decision I make has a fully informed thought process behind it. I don't provide ornamental design for design's sake, but rather thrive on providing form together with function.

I've worked with Matt at three different companies, and it always goes exactly the same way: 1) Matt gets briefed on the design problem. 2) He grasps the problem instantly. 3) He proceeds to nail the problem with uncanny speed, precision, insight and style. Nobody knows how he does it.

- Stephen Taylor, Experience Design Strategist


My graphic style is simplistic in nature. I strive to make memorable marks with iconic design. Whether it's logos, app icons, or systematic iconography, I enjoy thinking through real world uses with a heavy design perspective.

Matt's creative talent is the best I have seen. His attention to detail and phenomenal skill is best in class. His designs would always delight our clients and they always wanted him to work on their projects. Matt is a team player and would be an asset to any team.

-Azi Quinn, PMP, SPC, PMI-ACP, CSM, Agile Coach at SunTrust Bank


If your product needs outside perspective, I can review and provide a detailed design critique via Skype or in-person depending on your location, starting at $250/hr.

I like to get involved in projects early and help make strategic decisions so if you have something you're currently planning, get in touch!

Maybe later, I'm currently unavailable. =)

Matt worked for us doing some microsite concepting work for a major telecom. He was hired as a visual designer, but ending up also doing most of the wireframing work as well. At all times he was a professional, team player and the quality of the work was top notch. I would definitely hire Matt again.

-Brian Ward, Program Manager at SapientNitro

Matt is a rare and exceptional creative designer who brings a high level of innovation and professionalism to a project. In addition to being a fantastic craftsman in the realm of creative design, he is well versed in all aspects of interactive branding including the importance of user experience. While working with him at Razorfish, he impressed me with his ability to execute and articulate creative strategies in perfect deliverables with confidence. He has a friendly attitude, is approachable and down-to-earth. Matt is truly a valuable member of any project as a creative contributor or lead.

-Brinda Cockburn, Manager User Experience at Altisource - Hubzu

I worked with Matt during my employment with both Macquarium and Engauge. What is my opinion of him? The creative work he delivered during his time contracting with Macquarium was fantastic! Regardless of the scope, whenever Matt set a deadline for a deliverable, he always hit the mark. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Matt; so much so that when I changed employers and joined Engauge, I sought him out on multiple occasions to pick up additional contract work on several accounts I was managing.

-Ryan Shaffer, PMP, Senior Online Business Project Manager at The Home Depot

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