I recently tweeted to see if anyone was interested in getting one hour of free UX consulting on any design problem they may have. The only catch is I get to record the session and post the video on my blog with a short write-up.

tl;dr Get notified when free UX sessions open for scheduling.

just do it

Still not sure? Read on, my friend.

I had quite a few responses, but the sentence alone was slightly vague so let me unpack it a little more. Ideally, you’ll have a responsive web project or iOS app that you’d like some UX help on. By the end of the session I hope to solve your problem or at least point you in the right direction, using the same techniques I teach in my upcoming AIUX course. I’m looking for people who:

  • have an app idea, but are struggling on nailing down certain functionality
  • have an existing product, website, or app, but are experiencing problems with a specific area.
  • want to learn more about how to use Illustrator in general, for UX design.
  • would like a second opinion about existing designs, or ways to optimize something that has already been designed.

I’d like to setup a minimum of one session per week, and if the series proves valuable for others, I may devote a half-day to recording sessions and post them once or twice per week.

The Format

  • You’ll spend the first 5-10 minutes on the phone, Skype, etc. with me introducing yourself and telling me what you hope to accomplish during our session. I’ll need specifics, pretty please. For example, “I want to learn more about UX design” wouldn’t be a great topic for a short session, but “I’d like to learn more about UX design in regards to mobile form design for online shopping” would be great.
  • Next we’ll spend another 5-10 minutes talking through your topic and I’ll ask lots of questions.
  • Once I feel like I have a good handle on your topic, we’ll get started designing things live and talking through the whole thing.
  • My goal will be to leave you with some solid progress made towards solving your problem. I’ll gladly give you any and all files that I design.
  • Afterwards, I’ll make some quick edits and post it on the blog.

Don’t be shy. If you’re a student, a professional designer, professional developer, a CEO, head of product, etc. let’s get you on the list to get notified when I open more 1 hour sessions.

Interesting, but nah

That's cool. If you don't have a need for this, but think someone else could benefit, do me a favor and help spread the word. I will give you one internet high five and a real one if we ever meet in person.

"Get a free hour of UX help from @mds..."