I use Dropbox to store 100% of my client work– source files, review folders, inspiration, assets, etc. Anytime I finish a set of designs for client review I send a dropbox link instead of an attachment.

sample email

Here's the basic structure of my project files.

work files folder structure work files folder structure work files folder structure

With things organized like this, I can easily send out files I produced on any given day. I do this for a few reasons:

  1. You can add/edit/remove items from a link-shared Dropbox folder. If you send the email and forgot to add something or spot a mistake, you can throw updated files in the dropbox folder and it's no big deal.
  2. Respect for others' inboxes. Nobody wants to download a bunch of big image files. Why not let them stay nestled softly in the cloud?

Sometimes for bigger projects, sending a direct link everytime can get a little annoying– clients digging through old emails to grab dropbox links, etc. In these situations, I'll restructure my Review folder to be a little more descriptive, adding a few layers of heirarchy, so things are easier to find, while still maintaining dated folders at the lowest level.

more descriptive review folder

With this in place I can copy the link from the main Review folder at the highest level and put it into an html file with a javascript redirect. Or even easier, use a URL shortener. The only downside is that you can't always customize the full URL with those.

dropbox link from main review folder

With this link copied, I can create a custom folder on my website, upload the HTML file with the necessary tweaks, and have a solid memorable Review link for the client to have and hold like a little security blanket.

Here's a simple JS redirect in an HTML file.

Once you create a file like this, you can upload it to your server so you have something like http://mysweetstudio.com/awesomeclient/review that redirects to your root level Review folder.

The client can bookmark the link and always have access. Doing this in addition to emailing direct dropbox links to dated folders has worked really well for me.