Superbly Ordinary

While writing the lessons for the Typography module in my upcoming Shift Nudge course, I came across this little gem in "Elements of Typographic Style," a book by Robert Bringhurst. ...a (type) face of modest merits should be handled with great discretion, READ MORE

2019 – State of Design Tools

This is my personal breakdown of the current state of design tools as we have just passed the halfway mark in the year 2019. 2020 is upon us people, this is not a drill. First, a very brief history of my experience. READ MORE

Designing Contrast

Contrast is a menu bar app that Sam Soffes and I launched. If you haven't seen it yet, definitely check out the site or the app before reading this post, otherwise it won't make much sense. Sam was at working from my READ MORE

Intro to Icons

Intro to Icons is the easiest way to learn the fundamentals of icon design with Illustrator OR Sketch. Both tools are covered. It's a completely free online course hosted on my own custom course software with 30 fast–paced videos. I'm not READ MORE

Are Float Labels Really That Problematic After All?

This is a response to Adam Silver's May 25, 2017 piece entitled Floating Labels Are Problematic. As the guy who made the original design that the majority of the Float Label craze was based on, I feel somewhat obligated to share my READ MORE

Live Prototyping with Adobe XD

A few weeks ago I was invited by Adobe to livestream my app design process on, hosted by Paul Trani and Michael Chaize. The goal was to show how to solve a design problem with Adobe XD. After some deliberation, READ MORE

The WOW Framework for Design

I've been teaching a design class at the University of GA this fall semester and it's stretched me a lot in terms of how to communicate the best way to approach a new project. I've currently got the students going through the READ MORE

Introducing Particle

Particle is what I named the theme that I created for my site's refresh. The name randomly popped in my head very early on in my redesign process and I decided to go with it. No hidden meaning or anything like that. READ MORE

What Does A11Y Even Mean?

Now you know. Accessibility is often abbreviated as the numeronym a11y, where the number 11 refers to the number of letters omitted. This parallels the abbreviations of internationalization and localization as i18n and l10n respectively. Source: Wikipedia READ MORE

Super Quick Resizing in Sketch

I wanna show you a sweet little speed maneuver in Sketch that helps you massage the details of your UI while going fast. TL;DW Select an object Hold down cmd + shift + arrow key to quickly resize 10px at a time Let READ MORE

Digging the New Spotify Navigation

Spotify just updated their navigation from the hamburger menu to the good 'ole trusty-5-item-tab bar Apple has recommended in their iOS Human Interface Guidelines from Day 1. I've been guilty of over–zealously designing with the hamburger menu too—and still think READ MORE