Pondering Meaning

After recently listening to Tim Ferriss' interview with Pavel Tsatsouline, which is fantastic by the way, this quote from Pavel really stood out. "The brightest young people today, what do they end up doing? They end up designing apps. In the 50s READ MORE

Tools Don't Matter

Which piece of software should you use for interface design? There are many good answers and opinions about this question, but the bottom line is... You should use the one that yields the best results. Although this is the one true answer, READ MORE

Let's Not Kill the Hamburger Icon Just Yet

Why don't we, I don't know, talk to it for a while - see if he'll give us any information. It's obvious he knows something, so before we go all fire and brimstone on him, let's tie him to a chair first READ MORE

A New Thing

This past January, something interesting happened. I impulsively decided to sell a tiny product, moments before I almost decided to give it away for free. The product is simple. It's basically a stripped down version of a client project, that shows my READ MORE

Photo Retouching Inspired by Gigantic Squid

I've done a fair amount of product and architectural photography over the years but haven't done much portrait work. I've got a solid knowledge of retouching and post production, so once I saw the Gigantic Squid photos (specifically the Mackelmore ones), I READ MORE

How to Create Animated Dribbble Shots

"How did you create that animation?" This is a question I get a lot on Dribbble as well as inbound email inquiries from curious minds alike. After responding individually to a dozen or so people, I figured I should write out my READ MORE

Artboards or InDesign?

Since publishing Wireframing with Illustrator and InDesign I've gotten lots of questions about the why behind the process. Why not use artboards in Illustrator rather than using InDesign and individual .ai files? This was the most popular question so here's a breakdown READ MORE

What Do You Call Yourself?

"So, what do you do?" is the age old question that everyone seems to face on a regular basis. Be it conferences, weddings, family events, parties, church, and many other life events. Lots of people in our industry often feel conflicted about READ MORE

Athens Made Branding

A few months ago a handful of people had the idea for athensmade.com, an initiative to create an identity for products, companies, etc. hailing from the classic city. It's been a seed of an idea for some time now and it's READ MORE

Good Pens and Brushes for Hand Lettering

I've got a little product I'm working on that needs a logo. My typical logo style is very shape-based, geometric and mathematical. Even though I do sketch out a lot of logo ideas in my sketch book, it's generally to get an READ MORE

How the Float Label Pattern Started

I first had the idea for a new input pattern back in August, 2013. The idea was simple enough - animate placeholder text to show an icon beside the input so you don't lose your context. I had been doing 99% mobile READ MORE