I've got a little product I'm working on that needs a logo. My typical logo style is very shape-based, geometric and mathematical. Even though I do sketch out a lot of logo ideas in my sketch book, it's generally to get an idea of a framework or system that I'll use within some type of geometric grid.

For this new logo I want to try a new hand-lettered, scripty style. I don't have much experience doing this so I reached out to my friend, Neil Summerour.

breaking The image above is a beautiful hand lettered piece by Neil. If you haven't seen his typefaces and lettering projects, you need to go do that right now. You can also follow him - @positype on Twitter.

My email to him:

Hey Neil,

Can you recommend some nice pens, brushes, and/or paper for sketching and hand lettering? I'd like to move beyond the quality of my sharpie and generic sketchbook. :)



His prompt response:

Ha… a valid request…

oddly, I still encourage people to keep to the rudimentary elements/materials that they are comfortable with… good lettering, personal lettering is based in comfort and familiarity… you can't force it.

BUT… the creative likes to explore and play…

I'd suggest starting with this… http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0017OLH6O/


http://www.amazon.com/Kuretake-Letter-COCOIRO-Body-Sora/dp/B006CQVR4E/ here's the ink refills (but there are lots of colors)



paper… that's personal preference more than a requirement

I rely on the bristol, 100% cotton and high-grade tracing papers to play


There you have it. Go draw.