"So, what do you do?" is the age old question that everyone seems to face on a regular basis. Be it conferences, weddings, family events, parties, church, and many other life events. Lots of people in our industry often feel conflicted about the answer they give.

neil degrasse tyson

I've called myself lots of things over the years - Graphic Designer, Interactive Designer, Designer/Developer, UX/UI Designer, Art Director, Creative Director and more. But the thing is, I love doing business and UX strategy, wireframes, visual design, interactions, animations, development techniques, coding, etc. too.

I've created my fair share of wireframes, but I don't call myself an information architect or user-experience designer. I've coded up lots of sites, but I don't call myself a web developer. I've created animations, interactions, page-transitions, etc. but don't call myself an interaction designer. I've made business plans for the future and mapped out product releases for my own products and other clients, but don't call myself a business consultant.

I am a designer and a problem solver. I design wireframes. I design logos. I design icons and user interfaces. I design websites and mobile apps. I --design-- write code. To me it's all design. Even coding is an art form in itself.

I'm not sure why we so desperately want to be "labeled" but it's true. We want to be called something. Dad. Son. Husband. Wife. Daughter. Mom. Designer. Developer. What do you call yourself?