How to Create a Simple Illustration in Illustrator

I'm working on some wireframes for a client who builds large vessels and rather than use the standard grey box with the "X" in it to represent every image, I thought it would be fun to do a quick little abstract vessel READ MORE

How to Create an iPad Wireframe and Mobile Safari Icons

Continuing on with AIUX series, we’re going to look at creating an iPad wireframe and mobile Safari icons, by repurposing a few items from the iPhone we created. Now I’ve already covered iPhone wireframe creation, which is essentially the same READ MORE

Vectorize a Logo Using Simple Shapes in Illustrator

If you've been a designer for longer than a minute, you've no doubt ran into a situation where you need the client's logo for something you're working on. Do seek out the official logo whenever you can, especially if it's super brand READ MORE

How to Create a Sitemap in Illustrator

When you're working on a website, web application, or a mobile app, it helps to map out the experience before you dive too deep into the weeds of design decisions. It took roughly 6 minutes to design the sitemap above. The video READ MORE

How to Create an iPhone Wireframe with Illustrator

Welcome to the first official post in the AIUX series. In this video, we're going to create a simple iPhone wireframe that can be used as a base for iPhone apps and mobile web design wireframes. Yes you could probably find a READ MORE

Understanding Vector Shapes in Illustrator

When I posted "Wireframing with Illustrator and InDesign", several people asked about my Illustrator techniques. The simple truth is that I've used Illustrator a lot over the past decade and have learned a quick key for virtually everything I produce, whether it's READ MORE