Continuing on with AIUX series, we’re going to look at creating an iPad wireframe and mobile Safari icons, by repurposing a few items from the iPhone we created.

Now I’ve already covered iPhone wireframe creation, which is essentially the same method for the iPad, so in this video, instead of drawing out the iPad shape, I’m focussing a more on some path techniques that come in handy when creating icons.

Some of the main tools used here are:

  • Select Tool V
  • Direct Select A
  • Pen Tool P
  • Modifier Keys - cmd and opt

With the pen tool P selected, you can hold cmd to temporarily change to the last selection tool used, whether it was V or A. You can also hold the opt key with the pen tool selected to allow you to manipulate the handlebars for anchor points.

Watch the video below for further explanation. Pardon the clickety clacks, I recorded this without my proper setup.

Download the source files here.

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