Using an Illustrator Template

When you get started on some new wireframes or flows, do you open a blank document and just start working? That’s what I used to do. Most of the time I’d open an .ai file from a previous project and READ MORE

AIUX Course Preview: Illustrator Workspace Setup

I'm excited to release one of the first lessons in the AIUX course for free. In an earlier post, I wrote about how I hacked the Wistia API to create a custom play button, and I decided to use an actual lesson READ MORE

Hacking Wistia’s API to Create a Custom Play Button

Since my AIUX video course app is in the final stretch of completion, a few weeks ago I signed up for a Wistia account and started uploading some of the course videos. Wistia has a pretty extensive API, which is great, because READ MORE

1 Hour of Free UX Consulting for Your Project

I recently tweeted to see if anyone was interested in getting one hour of free UX consulting on any design problem they may have. The only catch is I get to record the session and post the video on my blog with READ MORE

Celebrating Checkpoints

In a recent post I made the public goal of completing all of the videos for my first AIUX course by June 30– a goal that was not achieved. I estimated 12 videos that needed to be made for one of the READ MORE

AIUX Private Alpha

Friday wasn’t very productive on the AIUX front. I got a late start on the day and only managed to record one video. I recorded it multiple times, but still didn’t quite get it right. I realize now after creating READ MORE

Simple Complex Shapes in Illustrator

Twitter friend, Mike, created a shield-like shape (below) in Illustrator and had some issues when scaling it down. The shape was built with multiple polygons that all aligned beside each other to form the final mark. The seam in between the individual READ MORE

Create Presentation Ready PDFs with Artboards in Illustrator

Ignoring artboards contributes a lot to the super-speedy, wireframe design process that can be accomplished with Adobe Illustrator. 99% of the time, I leave artboards hidden and only toggling their visibility and manipulating them only when I'm ready to export a PDF READ MORE

High-Level Wireframe Design Intro with Illustrator

In the early stages of a project it can be helpful to map out as much of the experience as you can to help get everyone on the same page. Conversations and decisions often become a little more tangible when there is READ MORE

How to Create a MacBook Pro Wireframe in Illustrator

This MacBook Pro, along with the other devices, works well when displaying wireframes for responsive designs. 3 Techniques for Creating Rounded Rectangles in Older Versions of Illustrator I’ve had several people comment on previous tutorials that they were using older versions READ MORE