AIUX is a full-on UX course that teaches how to design wireframes for the responsive web, with Adobe Illustrator.

You'll soon be convinced that nothing is faster or more powerful for this type of work—wireframes, user flows, you name it, Illustrator is the tool for the job and its awesomeness will be unlocked for you.

AIUX is open for a limited time

AIUX Blog Series:

Prerequisite: Understanding Vector Shapes in Illustrator

  1. How to Create an iPhone Wireframe
  2. How to Create a Mobile Safari Title Bar
  3. How to Create a Sitemap in Illustrator
  4. Vectorize a Logo Using Simple Shapes in Illustrator
  5. How to Create an iPad Wireframe and Mobile Safari Icons
  6. How to Create a Simple Illustration in Illustrator
  7. How to Create a MacBook Pro Wireframe in Illustrator (without using Adobe CC's corner radius tool)
  8. 3 Illustrator Wireframes for Your Responsive Design Project
  9. High Level Wireframe Design Intro with Illustrator
  10. Create Presentation Ready PDFs with Artboards in Illustrator
  11. Create an OS X Status Bar and Safari Title Bar with Illustrator
  12. Using an Illustrator Template

AIUX: RWD Course Updates

  1. Back From the Beach
  2. Doing the Hard Things First
  3. AIUX Private Alpha
  4. The Not So Secret Productivity Secret
  5. Celebrating Checkpoints
  6. Building a Web App and an Online Course While Managing Client Work
  7. Hacking Wistia's API to Create a Custom Play Button
  8. AIUX Course Preview: Illustrator Workspace Setup

The full AIUX course.

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