If you whitelist an email address in Gmail, it ensures that emails of your choosing never go into the spam folder. This is especially good for newsletters you actually want to read.

Here's how to do it in 4 simple steps.

Step 1

Log into Gmail. Thank you, Captain Obvious.

1.1 – Click the gear icon
1.2 – Choose Settings


Step 2

2.1 – Select Filters and Blocked Addresses
2.2 – Click Create New Filter


Step 3

3.1 – Type the email into the From field
3.2 – Click Create filter with this search


Step 4

4.1 – Select Never send it to Spam
4.2 – Click Create filter


Boom, Done

Double check you got the email address right. Now you're all set.


PRO TIP: Play around with other filters in Step 4 to supercharge your email productivity.