And Now, For Our Next Act

Teehan + Lax just closed their studio doors and moved into Facebook. Good for them–they've made a big decision. Make sure you read the entire post before you make some snarky comment on Twitter, judging their intentions.

The three of us agreed we would look at 3 factors in every offer:

Were the challenges we would be asked to work on, professionally interesting to us? Did we like and respect the people we would be working with and for? Was the company a company we wanted to come to work at?

Were we going to be happy? We knew that this decision had personal implications on our happiness. Owning your own business has a lot of freedom. Would we be OK with losing that? What about our families and relationships? What if we needed to relocate? Would we be happy living somewhere else?

Was the economic opportunity greater than what we could do on our own? Did the economics of the deal capture the upside in a reasonable way?

This is a great way to break down your own professional decisions about projects and opportunities as well.

Good luck to Jon, Geoff, David, and anyone else making the leap with them. We're all counting on you to continue making awesome stuff!

Oh, make sure you read the Teehan + Lax origin story, too.