The more I use Sketch for interface design, the more I like it, but it also makes me appreciate how awesome Photoshop is. You just can't beat Photoshop for image editing - sizing, cropping, compositing, etc. and that's not even half of its capabilities.

Photoshop was created in 1988.

For you non-math whizzes, that's 26 years ago. It's gone through countless versions, changes, bug fixes, etc. and has continued to evolve with the design industry time and time again. It's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Sketch was created in 2010.

Sketch is 4. At 26, Photoshop is old enough to be Sketch's daddy. I've really enjoyed using Sketch for interface design, specifically for iOS apps, but designing image heavy websites in Sketch, in my experience, can be a little frustating.

With Photoshop I seamlessly go in between image editing, typesetting, and UI design for a marketing site, but with Sketch, it's more difficult to do that.

I'm not knocking Sketch, I really do love it, but I know that Photoshop is a vital tool for my job. And tools don't normally kill other tools, they compliment each other. Like a cordless drill and a screw driver, a mitre saw and a circular saw.

It's great to have such awesome selections of software to work with on a day to day basis. I gladly welcome Sketch to come hang out with, but not replace, its UI father, Photoshop.