iA Writer

This is my favorite way to write: Fullscreen iA writer with the colors inverted. My first thought was to simply tweet this and leave it at that, but perhaps I can spread the love a bit more.

First purchase iA writer if don't own it. It's really great. Ok got it? Now launch it. ⌘+D will put you in focus mode.

Then to give it that extra little something, especially if you're writing early in the morning or late at night, invert your screen. There are two ways to do it. The manual and less cool way, and the quick key awesome-sauce way. Here's how to do it.

Invert manually (less cool)

Here's how to invert the colors manually each time, which is pretty lame. But knowledge is power, my friend.

Go to system preferences and choose Accessibility.

system preferences accessibility

Now make sure Display is selected.

system preferences display

Lastly, choose Invert Colors.

system preferences invert

That's one way to do it, but that's also slow and cumbersome. If you decide that you like writing with colors inverted, you're really going to want the quick key option below.

Invert with a quick key (awesome-sauce)

Here's what you really want. To wield the power of color inversion at your will with the speed of a cougar.

Go to system preferences and choose Keyboard.

system preferences keyboard

Now click on Shortcuts in the view switcher.

system preferences shortcuts

Select Accessibility in the left panel, then make sure Invert Colors is selected. The quick key is ⌘+Option+Ctrl+8 if you're like me and still can't remember the difference between all of those symbols.

system preferences accessibility invert colors

There you go amigo, now you can enjoy the same writing setup as me. It's kind of like when you tell a friend to look at the moon at the exact same time when you're in different places and you'll know that you're both doing that together. Ok nevermind, it's nothing like that.

For extra goodness, here is an example of this post written in the aforementioned style. See it larger.

this post