Yesterday I wrote some updates regarding AIUX and the video course I’m creating. There’s a lot of things to do with the project and lots of things I could work on, but I’m trying to focus on the doing the hardest thing first. And that’s simply creating the videos for the course.

I’ve written a big outline of each module and each subsection, rough draft scripts for a few of the videos. I’ve written “what you can expect to learn” content for each video, and quite honestly I could keep going at this pace, planning and strategizing, for the rest of the year. Doing that would not help me finish the course.

Planning is great and all, but eventually you’ve got to stop planning and start doing. It’s odd how this is so difficult to do on a personal project, yet crucial to the potential success.

Yesterday I recorded the first three videos out of the 36+ that will eventually compile the course. If I keep my head down and keep plowing through, I can have the backbone of the course put together within two to three weeks. From there I’ll need to do lots of editing, additional filming, title design, etc. But the hard part will be done. Then I can move onto the more enjoyable things.

Doing the hard stuff first is hard, but totally necessary. This is what I’m trying to remind myself.

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