"The only thing that is constant is change"


I've never had a favorite season. Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer. None of them are my favorite. I like the in between. The transition. I like the change. The smell of fall with its cool air effortlessly flowing through each deep breath. The petite bite of winter's dawn with a hint of smoke in the air. The break from the cold air when the drops of Spring reveal themselves. The warm sun finally baking down for a refreshing dip in the pool.

It's the in between, the change that I enjoy most. I've realized that this paints a larger picture for my outlook on my life as well as my business. My work is all project based and it changes regularly. The products I work on, the people I work with - they're like the seasons. They come and go. I enjoy them all and could never be content with just one.

Some people have favorites and want a consistent steady thing. Not me. I like the change.