Brooklyn Beta

Anytime I visit New York, I'm both thrilled and overwhelmed. My most recent visit was for Brooklyn Beta.

As I stepped out of my Uber black car at my alleged Airbnb address and pretended to know what I was doing by authoritatively whipping out my phone. Little did passer-bys know I was frantically texting my bunk-mate, Brandon. In an instant, he magically popped out of the apartment door in front of me, crushing my geological doubts.

I dropped of my suitcase, got acclimated to the 2 bed 1 bath apartment, and was off.

On the website, Chris and Cameron use the term MacGuffin to describe Brooklyn Beta. It's essentially an excuse to do something else - to move the plot along.

I must say it was a pretty damn good one. Nathan Peretic wrote a good post about some of the event flaws, but goes on to say:

...the conference is what you make it. Conferences are what you make them. Day-to-day existence is what you make it. Complain, if you want, about the unfairness, exalt in the thrill of the chase, sit back and take it all in. It’s up to you.

I whole-heartedly agree. In fact, if you only go to conferences (or anywhere for that matter) to be served an experience on a platter, chances are you'll be disappointed.

There were indeed parts that were good and bad, but ultimately you will find what you're looking for, be it flaw or beauty.

The MacGuffin served it's purpose for me. It was enough of a reason to leave my precious wife and kids, whom I love dearly, for nearly a whole week. Enough of a reason to spend a hefty wad of cash on plane tickets, accomodations, etc. Enough of a reason to postpone paying client work.

Brooklyn Beta was hanging out with friends and meeting new ones, shrowded in a conference. I made the most of it and enjoyed every last drip drop.

Huge thanks to all of you guys and gals, whom I had the pleasure to meet and speak with. You made it worth it.

Also, I sang karaoke at the Navy Yard. Thanks for the video, Ish!