freelance fire book

If you are a new freelancer, independent designer or developer, or would like to become one, this was written for you.

This book has been lying dormant for sometime now. Hopefully, if enough people find it interesting in its current state, that will rekindle my fire for finishing and properly releasing it.

I started writing this back in the fall of 2013, hacked away on it in 2014, then got super busy and stopped. I like to think that you can still get some good value out of my story even before I polish things up. That's where you come in.

It tells my story from starting fresh out of college 10 years ago, making $15/hour and working my way up to $150/hr and beyond. If you'd like to become a beta reader for this book, with the understanding that you'll provide feedback to me in some capacity, then I'd absolutely love for you to download this for free and start reading.


IA writer suggests you can read all 10,000~ words in exactly 49 minutes and 56 seconds.

I've limited the number of downloads to 100, for now. If you're interested go ahead and grab it and let me know what you think. Enter $0 in the price field to get it free.

UPDATE: All 100 copies of the beta have been downloaded. If you'd like to find out when I release another batch, or have the final product ready, jump on my newsletter.