ARGD 4190 Final Project

Here you will find the information for your final project. It includes the project plan, deadlines for deliverables, in-class meeting days, and examples for reference for each deliverable.

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Project Plan

Use this to see when major milestones of the project are due. An end of a colored bar indicates that you should be ready to show the deliverable in class.

View the final project plan

01. Project Summary

In a short paragraph (3-5 sentences), describe your project, the problem you're solving, and why your chose this as your project.

02.User Stories
03.User Flows
04. Content Map
05. Wireframes for Key Screens

Design the key wireframe screens that tell the story of your product best. I'll be specifically looking at how they map back to your user stories. The more detail and more scenarios the better. Eg. What happens when a field is activate, when someone starts typing, when a button is pressed, etc.

06. Element Collage / UI Map

I strongly recommend using Adobe XD or Sketch as your UI design tool of choice. It's fine if you use something else, but those two are the current most industry-specific tools.

07. User Interface (UI) Screen Designs

Final UI designs based of of your wireframes.

08. Project Case Study / Prototype

A prototype is optional, but can be extremely valuable in communicating pieces of your project. Options for prototyping: InVision, Marvel, Principle, Adobe XD

You're welcome to create a final presentation however you'd like. You're own blog or website, an InDesign layout, or a post on Medium. This could be a nice portfolio piece for future opportunities, so consider that when you're putting it together.

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