About 6 months ago I slung my backpack over my shoulder and my watch got snagged and hit the pavement. I've wanted to get a replacement ever since, but haven't made it a priority.

With Apple's Watch announcement yesterday, suddenly I'm thinking about watches again. Here are a few that I've had on my shortlist to replace my busted Phosphor.

1. Skagen Ancher Men's Steel Mesh Watch

I love the flat black color and finish of the face and band. The small red accent on the second hand is a nice touch too.

skagen watch

You can find this watch here

2. Braun Men's Classic Mesh Analog Display Quartz Black Watch

This Braun is similar to the Skagen above, but has more of a classic feel to it with more details on the face, including numbers and minute marks.

braun watch

Check out the Braun here.

3. AÃRK Iconic Graphite

This watch has a chunky military style about it with strong bevels on edges and geometric indentions on the face. There's something so appealing about the black on black on black. It's not for everyone, but I'm a sucker for this style.


Check out lots more pictures and info here

4. Nixon - The Corporal

My youngest son's name is Nixon so I"m partial to the brand, although the company name wasn't the influence for his. Nonetheless, this is another stealthy-looking watch with the subtle face, black on black - love it.


You can find The Corporal here

5. Apple Watch

Last but not least, the Apple Watch was finally announced. They've covered a huge range of styles, but again, I'm partial to the black on black. This one is the 42mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with the Black Sport Band. You can easily spend more the $300 on a high quality watch, so with the current price point of $349 on this new watch from Apple, it just may take the cake for me. With a built in heart rate monitor, among tons of other features, it's hard to say no to this.

Sure, it may be annoying to get text messages on your wrist, but you're a big boy, turn them off.


Stare in awe at the Apple Watch

Now that I've gone 6 months without a watch, I feel pretty good about waiting out the Apple Watch release and seeing how it all plays out in 2015.