Super Top Secret Design Thing

99 Pro Tips

A $99 online video course that features 99 design-related pro tip videos from 9 top industry experts. 11 videos (3-10 minutes) each per pro.

Think of it like—guitar licks for the budding blues musician—a grab bag of design tips and tricks that any designer can pick up and add to their own arsenal.

I bought the domain for this project.

Course Platform

The course will be hosted on my custom app
(please don’t share this link)

Contributing Team

By harnessing the collective awesomeness of the team below, there's no way this would not sell well. Plus, it's more fun to work together.

  1. Meg Robichaud
  2. Ash Huang
  3. Ced Funches
  4. Dann Petty
  5. Dan Mall
  6. Matt D. Smith
  7. Eddie Lobanovskiy
Invited and Awaiting Response
  1. *Amelie Lamont
  2. *Devon Ko (House)

Profit Sharing

  • Each contributing designer will receive 9% of all sales profits, in perpetuity.
Potential Sales Scenarios

(minus unavoidable transaction fees, etc.)

  • 1,000 course sales ($99,000)
    • 9% equals ~$8,910 for you
  • 10,000 course sales ($990,000)
    • 9% equals ~$89,100 for you
  • 100,000 course sales ($9,900,000)
    • 9% of gross equals ~$891,000 for you

FWIW, I've made over $60,000 with my AIUX course, and that was only me doing content, design, marketing etc. all by myself.

99 Pro Tips would have much more mass appeal to the design community because of everyone involved and the great price tag.

Plus everyone's combined audiences across multiple channels would make for a phenomenal marketing strategy.


  • 11 design (hacks, tricks, tips) videos per person (total of 99)
    • 5~ minutes each
    • Something you're most passionate about
    • Your best design tips that someone else can put into their own arsenal.
    • examples
      • a way of thinking about a problem
      • simple process things that you’ve internalized
      • the way you setup your documents
      • choosing colors, typography, grids
      • dealing with photos
      • naming conventions
      • making design decisions
      • folder structure
      • software specific tricks
      • client management
      • email scripts
      • finding clients
      • sales processes
      • contracts
      • anything that is a little nugget of wisdom from you, a seasoned design pro
      • don’t over think it! =)

Here are some random notes on some videos I'm thinking of for this...

mds notes

Contributing Designer Responsibilities

The big idea here is to give you a very small amount of workload that can deliver enormous returns in the future with the collective power of the full team.

  • Write a simple outline of the 11 tips you’d like to share
  • Videos can be individual piece meal or can build on one another in a sequence
  • I can hold your hand every step of the video-way if this makes you uncomfortable at all!
  • Screen record all 11 videos and upload to Dropbox, etc. (I can provide lots of technical support on the video production side).
  • Ideally the videos would be around 5 minutes in length. Maximum of 10~ minutes. This would allow 1-2 hours of video content per designer. 9-18 hours of total video course time.
  • I can handle editing of videos as needed. I can also help copy edit and orchestrate all of the content (video, medium posts, email scripts, etc)
  • Decide which video would be the best to make publicly available, for the sales page.
  • Write one medium post about your contribution to the course (keep private until the course is live)
  • Prepare 1 or more Dribbble shots (keep private until the course is live)
  • 1 blurb about your videos (to use on the sales page)
  • 1 simple email written about your publicly available video and a tease for the others
  • You're also completely welcome to help out in other ways, but the main goal is to get the most bang for the buck without a huge time sink

Pre-release Marketing

  • We’ll record and produce all videos before the public announcement of the course and pushing the splash page live.
  • We’ll have a simple splash page with video trailer of the course, contributing designers featured, a simple message from each one, and a form to collect first names and emails as the primary CTA
  • A short and friendly prewritten email sequence, sent out over a 3-week period.
  • We'll leak out 3 videos per week for three weeks during the prelaunch phase to give everyone something to tweet (etc.) about 3 times per week.
  • Total of 9 free videos publicly available on the website for visitors to get a feel for the content and build trust.
  • One message from each contributing designer per email, with a preview of which designer will come next in the sequence.
  • 3-week time period between splash page announcement and sales page going live.
  • Each contributing designer reaches out to his or her social networks via their own Newsletter and/or Dribbble, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. to let them know they will be contributing to the course with a launch date of +9 weeks to promote the splash page and collect emails.
  • Ideally post at least once during each of the 9 prelaunch weeks.
  • The collected emails will be an important distribution channel for initial sales.

Post-release Marketing Plan

  • Proper sales page with a video previews of the course content—1 tip per designer publicly available on the sales page. (total of 9 free pro tips)
  • Post on Product Hunt
  • 9 (or more posts) on Dribbble (at least 1 per designer)
  • Post on Designer News (each designer available for community Q/A)
  • Post on Hacker News
  • Post on Reddit
  • 1 Medium post per contributing designer about the course and their free tip that can be viewed on the sales page
  • 9 post-release sales emails (1 per designer) to subscribers to describe their free tip on the sales page. Promote early bird special, etc.
  • Early-bird purchase deal of X%-off of course price that counts down over 1-2 weeks.
  • After early bird deals expire, course remains publicly available for sale indefinitely.
  • At the completion of each of the 99 lessons the course app will track the user’s progress and give the opportunity to tweet about finishing the current lesson, with a link to the sales page, for a nice marketing loop.
  • Can repeat deals/special countdowns through out the year (once a quarter)

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