Father First

John Saddington:

Making commitments to your business is hard. Making commitments to your family is even harder (and keeping them). Strange, isn’t it as you would think that it should be reversed.

As a father of four, I can so relate to this. It's a constant struggle to keep family as a priority over work and everything else. I have discussions with my wife quite often about this concept and there's no "one-time" answer to end the question once and for all. As a full-time stay at home mom, she's on the opposite end of this spectrum and provides the much needed counter-balance to my independence as a business owner. It's a continual, puzzling tension that demands to be addressed, tended to, and solved.

The puzzle changes - sometimes monthly, sometimes daily. It's my job to decide when and where my time gets spent, with the great and invaluable counsel from my wife and kids.

It's so so hard to become selfless, and stay that way, but it's so rewarding and so freeing.

There's a really great video that John posted on his blog that hits on this subject. You can watch it below.