Last updated May 2020

Matt D. Smith Matt D. Smith Matt D. Smith Matt D. Smith Matt D. Smith


Matt D. Smith is the owner and design director at Studio MDS, specializing in interface design for digital products since 2008. He's led client projects around the world, served as an adjunct design professor at University of Georgia, guest lectured at Harvard, and taught workshops at conferences all over the US including Adobe MAX, Dribble Hang Time, Epicurrence, and more.

In 2013, he created the popular Float Label pattern for input fields, which was adopted by Google, Shopify, Netflix, Apple, Slack and countless others.

He co-created the popular MacOS menu bar app "Contrast" that provides over 8,000 designers—and counting—quick access to WCAG color contrast scores.

He also created Flowkit, a component library that lets you create user flows inside of their favorite design tool.

He's on a mission with his latest endeavor, Shift Nudge, to teach and lead a new generation of interface designers to build the digital products of the future.

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