A sailboat can’t make any progress without wind, in fact going straight ahead into the wind will get you nowhere. Your boat won’t move forward at all.

You move the fastest sailing against the wind. Not directly head on, but at an angle. This creates a tension between the sails and the hull. This tension generates power giving you the ability to move faster than the wind. Voila, sailing!

In our work, it comes natural to completely oppose someone’s opinion with an equal and opposite view point of our own.

“Designers should code their own designs. Photoshop is dead. Don’t waste your time using wireframes; you should go straight to prototyping instead. You should do this instead of that. Don’t create a desktop psd and a mobile psd. Look at how horrible this example is.”

What if we designed and coded, prototyped and wireframed? What if we harnessed the power of each individual tool into our collective processes? What if instead of calling someone or something stupid, we leaned in at an angle and actually made some head way?