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I'm excited to announce Jared Tohlen is the winner of Adobe CC for a year and lifetime access to AIUX.

Big thanks to everyone, who entered the contest. It was difficult to select a winner, but in end Jared hit the most points about why he should win.

Here's the comment that sealed the deal for Jared:

Hi Matt,

Sweet giveaway! I'm a graphic designer/illustrator. I have tons of experience and know-how in Adobe programs, especially Illustrator. What I don't have is: money and formal UX training/experience.

I would love the opportunity to finally get some solid UX training under my belt, as it seems not having that is a huge count against me. For job applications and projects, it's probably my biggest weakness. About the money thing: I have a two-year-old daughter and am expecting another one here soon (due date is 9/15). My current Adobe CC sub expires 9/4 and I am at the stage of life where 1) I haven't been able to build up a freelance/side business for supplemental income and 2) I can't afford the extra expense a CC sub would add to a tight budget.

These are also reasons why I'm more and more motivated and driven to finally start leveling up in my career— wanting to provide for my family as best I can, and weary of tight money. The help and relief a free CC sub would supply, and finally getting UX training to be more relevant in today's design industry would make a world of difference.

Way to be helping others out. I know there are a lot of other folks even more in need or deserving than I, so I hope you find the right person for this. If it doesn't come to me, I know I'll find a way. Thanks for your consideration, Matt!

For historical purposes, the original contest description is below...

I'm giving away one year of free Adobe CC and unlimited access to my UX design course, AIUX.

This coupon code will give you access to Adobe Illustrator—and all of the other Adobe apps, free for one year, a $599 value. Because $49.99/month times 12 months equals $599.88.

I specifically mention Illustrator because that’s what I teach heavily in AIUX. It's like one big digital whiteboard and I show you how to blister through it for the quickest and best results.

But, Matt what about Sketch? I use and love Sketch as my primary UI design tool, but if I need to work through flows and wireframes Illustrator takes the cake.

Plus as a designer, you shouldn't be worried about the ONE tool you need to learn. There will always be an arsenal at your disposal and Illustrator has been around for a looooong time and it's here to stay.

In the AIUX course, I teach a mobile-first approach to wireframe design specifically for responsive websites. You'll learn a beginning to end strategic and tactical UX process you can put to use immediately.

It’s perfect for those wanting to get started in UX—whether you’ve been dev-only or graphic design-only up until now.

I’ve had over 140 students go through the course with great results. Top industry experts have also reviewed and approve the material. 💥

AIUX is a powerful resource for any designer, from newbies to veterans. It covers such a wide range of detail in an easy, consumable format. Well done team.

Bill S. Kenney | Co-founder, Focus Lab

Designers, UX folks, @mds created an incredible course to help you master wireframing and RWD in Illustrator.

Aarron Walter | VP of Design Education, InVision

I’ve been a UX designer for 8 years now—using Illustrator for 20+. And yet AIUX managed to show me features and tricks that I was completely unaware of. It’s making me a better, faster designer.

Alan Wilson | UX Design Manager, Adobe

Inside of the AIUX course

If you're not quite sure what AIUX is all about, check out this video that walks through each of the modules and lessons.