"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." - Albert Einstein

My 2 year old daughter, Isa, got some washable crayons intended for drawing on the walls of the bathtub. This immediately prompted a desire for her to take an usually timed bath in the middle of the day.

Despite my lack of desire, I gave in and got her all setup. I wrote her name on the wall to give her the idea of what to do, then watched in awe as she drew lines and swirls without hesitation.

isa drawing

I'm always intrigued to watch kids draw. They seem to have a carefree unexpected style to their ways. A style that's hard to replicate as an adult crippled with fears and insecurities.

I watched the soft purple wax of the crayon press into the squeaky plastic tub wall. A big line, a small swirl then an intense watery scribble.

For some reason this reminded me of the board game, Pictionary, and how lots of people who play feel the need to explain to the others that they "can't draw."

The fear of people seeing their raw drawing skills is stronger than the curiosity of their ability for the same task. For the child the opposite is true. They are curious, not fearful at a ripe young age. They want to see the colors mix and blend, try out a new crayon in the bathtub, write on walls, and more.

Isa, unashamedly pressed the tiny drawing untensil onto the surface. I examined the scribbly bathtub canvas now covered in waxy art and was reminded how great it is to jump into something and get started because of an innocent and strong curiosity, free from fear and doubt.

How many times do we fail to start (or finish) something because of fear?

Just like my daughter (and Albert Einstein), I want my curiosity to be stronger than my fear in all that I choose to do.

Here's to a curious 2014.