I've never met Eric Meyer, but my oldest son is 6 and the thought of losing him crushes me.

When people started changing their avatars purple, I silently thought to myself, "What good is that going to do? Why would you do that if you didn't even know them?"

Then I quickly remembered all the times I've shouldered burdens with my family and friends - who've done the same for me. Just knowing that someone feels for you, has compassion for you, it helps. In a tiny way, it helps.

Reading this excerpt from Eric's latest post captures so much heartbreak.

My beautiful, bright-burning girl, my little spark. I wanted so much to watch you grow and learn, and to see the world made new through your eyes. I would do almost anything to restore all that to you. Give you my own years, if I could.

If you see purple avatars popping up today, June 12 2014, and you've read this post, go ahead and make your avatar purple. If you don't know how to do that, you can download this psd and replace my avatar with yours - or just use this purple image.

Then tweet out #663399Becca.

It won't do much, but imagine the Meyer family scrolling through the hashtag search and seeing an ocean of supporters who they don't even know. For a tiny moment, it will bring Eric and his family warmth.

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